OAU Met-Station Benefits

By this proposal, it is aimed at setting up a world-class meteorological station located within the University campus. This research facility will provide high quality meteorological data (of basic and derived atmospheric parameters) to support scientific activities linked directly to teaching, research and extension services for the diverse needs and applications by the university community. Particularly, the Met station data will redress lack of such data which hitherto has been non-existent since the late 80s when the observatory at the Teaching and Research farm became defunct.

The station in the long run serve as a backbone for various research projects being undertaken in the University especially those requiring long-time and continuous meteorological data records. Further, it is also being planned that:
a) A facility such as OAU-Met station will be a practical resource to teach researchers and students in the university about protocols for electronic data acquisition. The university students will be able to develop suite of programs customized for the different measurement configurations.
b) It is envisaged that the setting up of the multi-user station will benefit other scientific studies which need meteorological data as input to be co-located. A provision has already been made for an extension of the measurement area to accommodate independent studies to be situated at the site.
c) For researchers in the university developing instrumentations that need calibration with standardized meteorological data values, the data from OAU-Met station will be a vital resource for making the comparisons.
d) An important goal is to bring the data collected from the station within regionally managed collaborative projects such as EU-funded DACCIWA study.
e) With the coupling of a modem to the dataloggers in the field, station data can be remotely downloaded thereby providing an alternative to a cable-linked (direct) data acquisition. It will also serve as a hub for a number of satellite automatic weather stations deployed at locations across the campus and in the country.
f) The data from the station (recorded to a high-level of accuracy), will be available for comparison and uploaded to world-renown databanks. This will upgrade the status of OAU-Met station to be internationally recognized, a truly world-class station, first of its kind in Nigeria.
g) The data from the station can be marketed to users within and outside the University thereby generating substantial income for the university